About Sonja

“My name is Sonja and I have decided to start a food blog because I am very passionate about cooking and eating good food. I focus on healthy yet delicious food; I have so many recipes and tips to share! Please take a look at my blog and give any critiques/opinions. Thank you and enjoy!”….

Yeah.. so that was my first blog. Wow! I guess getting my point across in a concise manner was my thing for a while, but I’m willing to elaborate a little bit. I am now 22 years old, I study nutrition focusing in dietetics and have a love for all kinds of food. I like to experiment in the kitchen, try to recipes, make new ones up, take everything I have left over and making something amazing! Being in the kitchen and trying new things soothes me, but there are also some things I make time and time again that relax me.

I remember the first thing I started to make whenever I was stressed, in a fight with a boyfriend (there weren’t too many, but maybe that stressed me out too!), or was pissed about something (more like wanting to cry like a little baby but didn’t want to show my feelings to others) I would make some Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies. My mom found a recipe for them some where be it the flip-side of a chocolate chip bag or some random magazine.. anyway, I would always make them when I needed to relax for whatever teenage-hormone-driven reason. Of course my family didn’t complain, but my mother picked up on it pretty easily. Whenever I would make them she would come over..”Sonja, are you okay? Do you wanna talk about it” and I was just like… back up and let me make my meditative cookies! As all trends fade so did my Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie making, but I quickly picked up a healthier alternative…. banana bread. I mean how often do people not eat all their bananas and they go bad? A lot. And I was always there to take them off their hands. I would make it at my apartment when I lived in La Crosse, I would make it when I got home, I would make it at my boyfriend’s sister’s house when we were babysitting, I would make it at my friend’s apartment… I would make it everywhere. And damn was it good banana bread too! No two batches were ever the same, as it should be!

The point to this story and a way to introduce myself better to the internet is to ask you… does making food soothe you like it soothes me? If so, what type of food-making soothes you? Food is tied to our lives in so many ways! It is just extraordinary how important food is not only to just survive, but how important it is to us emotionally and socially.


One Response to “About Sonja”

  1. Mary Bondeson November 19, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Sonja ~ check out recipes on Taste of Home.com for pumpkin desserts. Butter pecan pumpkin pie, streusel pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheese cake all sound good. 🙂 MOM

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