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Banana Cake Balls

1 Jun

It was my boyfriend’s brother’s birthday a few weeks ago and I wanted to make him something. I had some bananas, but a full on cake to a raging party didn’t seem sensible so I had the bright idea of making these little banana cake balls. I used Queen Frostine’s banana cake recipe whipped up some random frosting I made up on the spot and mashed it all together! I then rolled them in chocolate bits and some cocoa. I wanted to dip them in chocolate so they had a coating of chocolatey goodness, but didn’t have the time, or patience or…?

Any frosting with this will do, I wanted to do a cream cheese one but of course didn’t have any cream cheese around so I used Greek yogurt instead! Turned out pretty well… but you could experiment with a chocolate, cinnamon, cream cheese, or peanut butter frosting too!

For the cake recipe check out Queen Frostine Banana Cake. Then make your favorite frosting while the cakes are cooling. Once the cakes have cooled you can do this:

 Crumble it up with your hands and mix in your frosting (by hand or with a wooden spoon).

Then take a small handful of the cake mixture and roll in some chocolate, then sprinkle with cocoa. Get creative with your toppings too if you want like toasted coconut, peanut butter chips, walnuts or pecans, or sprinkles! Stick some lollipop sticks in then or toothpicks and you are set! Everyone loves these because you can just pop them in your mouth, no utensils of plate required.


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